We are a constituted community campaign group, the purpose of which is to SAVE Flixton green belt from being developed into houses.

We believe the green belt exists for the following reasons:

  • To preserve the physical and good mental well being of the local community.

  • To enhance the lives of all the local community.

  • To prevent urban sprawl which is part of the green belt’s original aim.


We are not against building new homes per se but it has to be the right homes in the right place and not at the expense of the green belt, as we consider many more alternative suitable sites for development in the area exist.


We have recently expanded our objectives to include protecting our public leisure facilities from closure namely the George H Carnell, and  protecting from development all green space (non green belt) within our area as we feel all these issues are inextricably linked.


Flixton Green Belt:

Trafford Borough Council are proposing as part of their contribution to the GMSF (Greater Manchester Spatial Framework) to move the green belt boundary from the ‘Bird i’th Hand’ Pub along Flixton Road to the Church Road side of  Flixton Station for it’s entire length.

This means the land comprising of Flixton Playing Fields, Flixton Park and the Flixton Road side of the William Wroe municipal golf course will have it’s CRUCIAL green belt status removed.

Green belt status is CRUCIAL because the council needs exceptional circumstances to develop it.

As part of this the council propose to build 750 homes on the site at William Wroe and declare the rest of this site public open space but once the green belt status is removed this land could be threatened with development in the future as the public open space provision offers little protection in legislation.

Worse case scenario:

The WHOLE site could be developed right up to the boundary walls at the listed Flixton House.


  • We intend fighting these proposals until they are no more.

  • We have gained the support of our local MP Kate Green who has tabled questions in parliament on our behalf.

  • We have had support in the council chamber from Andy Western and the Trafford labour group which has supported us from the outset as has Kate Green.

  • To strengthen our hand we have sought to expand the issue to a regional level and are affiliated to the regional green belt groups who will be working alongside the new Greater Manchester Mayor on the re-write of the GMSF.

  • We have organised community events to raise funds and highlight this issue.

  • We are collating funds for any legal fight that may ensue in the future.

  • Our team has experience in local authority planning and our plans include setting up a neighbourhood planning group.

  • We promise to leave no stone unturned are efforts to protect our beautiful green space in the heart of our village. 


You can join our 5000 strong Facebook community at ‘Save Flixton Green Belt’ and spread the word to family and friends.

You can join in on Twitter HERE or HERE.

You can donate to the cause by clicking this link below

You can log on at EasyFundRaising and type in Save Flixton Green Belt and donate while you shop.

But just keep the faith because we are strength in numbers.