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The work to further this aim was hampered as we are all aware by a global pandemic. But now as we recover from those dark times the work continues behind the scenes to see the project through and we hope to deliver some good news very soon. With that end we feel the groups direction must also change to focus on the future. So from the 31st October 2022 ‘Save Flixton Green Belt’ will be known as ‘Flixton Green For All’ to encompass the groups values moving forward.

Our aims and objectives for ALL our Greenspaces shall be to:

a) ENGAGE - with any relevant organisations and public bodies to locate specific green spaces that are in need of repair and improvement and encourage open discussion that will provide progress for these areas. Communicate with the local community and get an understanding of their vision & needs of their local green spaces & what could be improved to enable access for all.

b) EDUCATE - and enthuse the local community to indulge in our local wild spaces by publicising local walking areas and areas of interest with the support from local wildlife enthusiasts. Seek support and funding (if necessary) from our Local Council & other relevant bodies to encourage educational walks and discussions.

c) EVOLVE - by putting in place legislation that will provide protection & preservation for both green spaces and wildlife it will allow us to encourage our Local Public Bodies to invest in the local area’s green spaces and therefore provide access to everyone.

So please get involved and play a role in the future of these valuable assets that you the community has fought so hard to keep.

On the 16th March 2020 after a 3-and-a-half-year community effort, Willy Wroe was saved from development and a promise from Trafford Council that it’s future will be further protected permanently.

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